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Sunday Evening Services are cancelled until further notice:  We meet most Sunday evenings at 6:30 pm.  This is an informal gathering and all are welcome to attend!  


Youth Group - Cancelled until further notice, due to the School closing

Pre-K to 6th grade Youth Group meetings are Wednesday's at 3:20-5:00 pm at the Church.

7th-12th gradeYouth Group meetings are on Wednesday's from 6:00-7:30 pm.


Homework Club - Cancelled until further notice, due to the School closing

Will meet most Tuesday's at 3:30 pm, After Program at 4:30 pm.


Up-Coming Events    



March 29: (6:30 pm) Randy & Marli Concert - Cancelled


April 1: (7:00 am) Men's Group - Cancelled


April 2:  (7:00 pm) Ladies Fellowship Meeting - Cancelled


April 7:  (9:15-11:30 am) M.O.P.S. Group - Cancelled


April 9:  (6:00 pm) Maundy Thursday Service - Stay tuned - we will post here if we will have a Livestream


April 10:  (6:00 pm) Good Friday Service - Stay tuned - we will post here if we will have a Livestream


April 11: (9:00 - 11:00 am) Teen Serve Bread Sale - Cancelled


April 12:  (8:00 am) Sunrise Service - Cancelled

                 (8:30 am) Sunrise Breakfast - Cancelled

                 (9:00 am) Children's Activity - Cancelled

                 (9:45 am) Easter Worship - Online

                 No Sunday School or Evening Service today


April 13:  (7:00 pm) Noah's Ark Livestock




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February Administrative Board Meeting Minutes


*Join Our Livestream each Sunday Morning*


Hello, we are changing our method for providing access to the Worship Service Live Stream. We will no longer be providing a direct link to our Live Stream, instead we will providing access to our YouTube Channel, more details to follow in this email. All Worship Services will be Public and available online for anyone to watch via our own YouTube Channel. Using our YouTube Channel you will be able to access all future Live Steams and the ability to watch any previous Worship Services.

Sunday morning Worship Service Live Stream will be "LIVE NOW" at approximately 9:40am EST. You will see our normal PreService Presentation with announcements along with a banner at the bottom showing how many minutes until Worship Service will begin. Prelude music will be included during this time as well. We will end the Live Stream with an image and postlude music.

You can find us on YouTube by searching for "Pickford United Methodist Church". We will also be providing a link on our website "". You may also access our YouTube channel directly using the link below.

When we Live Stream our Worship Service on Sunday mornings, you will see a Video Thumbnail showing the text "LIVE NOW" in red. Click on the picture to access the Live Stream.

Note: Everything mentioned in the next paragraph requires you be signed into YouTube with a "Google account". This is not a requirement in order to watch our Live Stream and past Worship Services. Having a "Google account" doesn't require you to have an "" email address.

You can "Subscribe" to our YouTube Channel by clicking on the red "Subscribe" button, usually located in the upper right corner. Subscribing to a YouTube Channel adds it to your personal "Subscriptions" for easier access.

Once you have "Subscribed" to our YouTube Channel, a new "Bell icon" will appear. Click on the "Bell icon" to enable notifications. With notifications enabled you will receive an email when we "Go Live" or post a new video. For more information on how to manage your notification, see Google help document, manage your notifications.

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