Online Giving

We have partnered with easyTithe to allow us to accept online donations using credit cards, debit cards and ACH payments.


To donate, press the Donate button above.  You will be taken to the secure easyTithe site and will see the Pickford United Methodist Church giving page.


You can 'Give now' or 'Sign In'.  If you choose 'Sign In' you will be given the opportunity to create an account.  Personal information will be saved for later use.  If you choose 'Give now' you will enter your personal information and card info and it will not be saved.  The next time you choose to donate, the information will need to be entered again.


Click on the drop down arrow at 'choose a fund'. Choose General Budget or Special Benevolence. 


Add the amount you wish to give and press the 'Submit' button.


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